Friday, 4 December 2009

Colin McDowell

“Fashion, clothes, society, assumptions, aspirations”

Today we were lucky enough to have Colin McDowell as a guest speaker in our 20th century fashion module. He is one of the most respected fashion commentators of his day with a lot of experience in the industry; being the Creative Director of Fashion Fringe, the Senior Fashion Writer for the Sunday times Style magazine and Chairman of The Costume Society of Great Britain, he has also written numerous books on fashion. With all his great contribution to and his knowledge of the fashion industry this was an inspiring lecture.

It was really inspiring hearing his views on the fashion industry and who he considered to be the great designers - mentioning Madame Vionnet, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent and Ralph Lauren. His views and advice on fashion were very interesting and true for example he said Chanel “has been elevated into being considered a great designer; however she is more a great fashion activator”. A great designer he had a lot of respect for and considered to be a long distance runner in the fashion industry was John Galliano, who is also one of my favourite designers. The most important point he wanted to make in the lecture was to “design for yourself”.

After this lecture I wanted to find out more about Colin McDowell and found interesting information on so visit it to find out more!

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