Monday, 30 November 2009

The Whitworth

During the summer I went to the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester and they had some historic garments from all over the world. The different techniques used and fabrics were exceptional. I thought they might be a good source of inspiration when I am designing myself so here they are..

Inside a fashion studio..

In garment tech we have to make a new garment each week. This includes making the pattern for the garment and the construction. Above is my finished Bodice and Hood.

Practise will make perfect (hopefully)

A while back I did a sewing class in hope of strengthening my sewing skills, as before uni I had hardly any experience. From the class we had to make a simple dress which we made and designed ourselves...

Margiela Trends

The next section for Design Development meant looking into future trends that may inspire Martin Margiela when designing. These are some of my finished research pages...

The trends I came up with were inspired by different, unusual things as Margiela would not use the normal trends that inspire most designers as he would want to have his own unique twist to his work.

Friday, 27 November 2009


Last year in Design Development I had to Design a collection for River Island. This included researching the brand and customer, I then had to come up with a trend inspired by something seen in York, to base a womenswear collection around. I made the trend Subliminal which was inspired by fruits from the market and sweets in sweet shops. These things would inspire the colour, shape and general feel of the collection. I had to make a moodboard (above) I think the trend was a good choice for River Island as it reflected their use of bright colour and the fun feeling their clothes have. I also had to make a fabric board (above) which demonstrated all materials I would use to make my garments out of. I had to use fabrics suitable for River Island and the type of garments I was designing for.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

River Island

In order to come up with my final 'Subliminal' mood board and fabric board I had to research everything about River Island including brand ethos, garment type, shop atmosphere, shop history. These are a couple of pages from my research journal and my customer profile - reflecting the customer that would shop at River Island and my collection would appeal to.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Dancing fun!

A while ago I was asked to help design and make the outfits for a dance show back home. These are the finished outfits!

Avant Garde

Below are some images from Design Development, for the first part of the module we have to research into Martin Margiela - The Brand's identity and the customer profile..

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Delve into

Some research pages from year 1 into Trims Topstitch and embroidery, Pockets and Pleats and pleated garments.

Monday, 16 November 2009

First try fashion illustration

For my A level art I did a project on Fashion Illustration. My inspiration came from illustrators such as Jasper Goodall and Tristan Galdos Del Carpio. This is a small collection of some of the work done for this project including research boards, sketch book work and large scale pieces.

Charity Fashion Show

In college, along with a couple of other students, I put on a fashion show for charity. We did everything ourselves; which included getting shops and boutiques to donate their clothes, the choreography, and organising the whole night. The clothes in the fashion show were both casual and evening wear. Although it was a stressful experience on top of our exams we managed to raise over £800 for our chosen charity.

Old School

This is an example of some art work from AS level and A level; including inspiration and research boards out of sketchbooks and paintings and drawings. Alot of the work was produced on a large scale.